Quarantine qualms and Quarantine Chef

Back to Blogging after so long and I feel bad for abandoning it. My last post was about being positive during the lock down, but as it got extended, I myself struggled with being positive. When the first lock down was announced, I was just in the last trimester of my MBA program, my placement was pending, graduation ceremony was near the corner and so was our college farewell. But now everything is left hanging and it just feels unfortunate.

I know there are many out there struggling right now, many may not have job, may find tough to pay bills or repay loans. Some may be depressed not being able to meet loved ones, being alone, being sick or just stuck at awful job. I just want to say hold on to the hope. World does heal and so shall you and your world. Just hang in there.

And I do believe in doing little things that makes you happy in tough times. I have found my happiness in cooking meals. Since past two months, I have been making dinners at home and I just love it. Cooking different dishes and putting food out on table. The joy of feeding is so pure and beautiful. And when your dish turns out to be loved by all, the feeling is simply surreal.

Here are some of my delicious creations

I am thinking how about some delicious vegetarian recipes on this blog?

I would love to share my favorite recipes with you guys.

Till then Ciao, Take care, and Bon Apetit


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