About Me

Hi there, I am Shweta


A girl in her twenties from Incredible India. I am a full time business management student sneaking out some spare time from my crazy schedule to blog about my travels, my passions and random musings.

I have been living in India since 20+ years and therefore, I have had the privilege to unravel some of its strikingly beautiful destinations.

La Sunshine was started to document my travel stories and share my adventures with the world out there. On my website, you will find my travelogues, personal experiences and inspiring thoughts & stories.

La Sunshine is a platform to radiate positivity and love. Through every blog post, I wish to bring some sunshine in your life, even if it is for few minutes

Apart from blogging, I love reading, watching movies/series and learning French ( j’aime apprendre le francais) I am very passionate about food, dance, environment and architecture (not necessarily in that order).

Professionally speaking, I come from commerce background and have worked as a financial consultant and a business analyst with a few companies in Mumbai before joining a business school.

As much as I like analyzing business and their financial statements, I also enjoy creating content and engaging with people.

So far I have been fortunate to connect with many amazing bloggers on this platform who have shown lots of love and support for my blog. I hope to keep you inspired, entertained and intrigued through my blogs.

Join me on my endeavor to explore and experience this big beautiful world