In need for some sunshine

Hi everyone, hope you are in good health. As I am typing this I have washed my hands 20x times by now constantly being anxious about the number of corona cases rising in different countries including my own. Things here in India are not as grim as Italy or China so far, but its not late if we don’t act fast and act sane.

We always watched it in movies, an apocalypse in some form would come trying to destroy the world, and it seems some part of it is playing out now. Of Course this may be exaggeration considering Corona can be controlled if everyone is cautious.

Here in India, recently a curfew has been declared for one day, flights to other countries stand cancelled while several states are also taking measures to stop virus. Living in one of the highly populated city in the world, I have good reason to be panicking right now. Over here people just started taking things seriously since past two days after our Prime Minister gave a speech appealing people to take stated measures to stop the chain reaction. That is almost two month after first case was detected here.

Makes me wonder why strict actions were not taken immediately when first case was detected. We all have been hearing news about how it had impacted China and its neighbouring countries. Only travel advisory had been issued asking passengers to avoid travel to these nations. I wish they had issued travel ban there. It could have saved us from this outbreak. Yes it would have costed us a lot, but that would have been much less than complete shutdown scenario which is bound to happen now. Adding to that is cost of healthcare, testing, monitoring which is obviously adding burden to the economy.

Prevention is better than cure is literally and figuratively apt here.

We as humans feel we are immune from danger till it reaches our doorstep. We fail to learn from mistakes of others. I wish every country realises the cost of delaying strict actions and gets rid of this disease once and for all. This lockdown is hurting people not just financially but also emotionally.

Amid all this I request my readers to stay safe, stay indoors and stay positive. I know it will go away, I just hope it happens soon.

As most of us are stuck at home, we need to spend time more positively than ever. Apart from work from home, here is little something you can do to stay happy and spread positivity during dull times

  1. Exercise: Yoga, Zumba, Dance, Calisthenics, everything you can do at home
  2. Read: Pick up a novel, get lost in the fantasy world or get inspired by some great words
  3. Build that hobby: Guitar, Dance, Cooking, Sewing, Painting, whatever hobbies or interests you have, now is the time to master that.
  4. Play some games: Social distancing does not mean you need to spend your time in complete isolation. Get out that video game or board game and start playing with members in your house
  5. Plant some trees: We need some hope now and what is a better indicator of hope than a beautiful little plant growing everyday.
  6. Teach something: This is a time to give back to society, if you have knowledge and access to teach something, anything useful that helps people, do it.
  7. Pamper yourself: Take a nice bubble bath, give yourself a nice relaxing spa, get some facial and get good sleep
  8. Tidy up things: Yes this can be boring, but if you have nothing better to do, better to clean up now and get rid of unwanted stuff and dirt
  9. Ring up your friends: You will obviously, I don’t need to mention this actually
  10. Netflix and chill: Finally watch some kickass movies or shows while you at home. La Casa de Papel anyone?

What else are you doing at this time? Let me know in comments below




  1. You are Sunshine ☀️, thanks for posting and bringing awareness..I’m focusing on my blog and meditation 🧘‍♀️..Sending you hugs 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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