Camping at Rishikesh

  At the break of dawn, in the month of December, we arrive at Haridwaar. As soon as we get off the train, the cool air starts casting its spell on us. With trembling hands, we rush to save ourselves from the clutches of cold and pull out our sweaters from our luggage. Okay, I […]

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Over Chai

Originally posted on Journey on a Breath of Words:
Over chai ,gossips are exchanged, Over chai, sometimes even silence is maintained Over chai, important decisions are made, Over chai, even the smartest get played Over chai, Kenny started a show, Over chai, he won hearts even without a cupid with a bow&arrow Over chai, you…

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Beauty in imperfection

There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection – James Salter   ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ used to be my tagline on social media sites while I was a teen. I always believed that no one is perfect. And no one should assume that they are, or else they will be stuck in a rut and can […]

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Color yellow and its beauty

  “Colors are the smiles of the nature.” Leigh Hunt Our world is made of many different colors. Each of this color has its own persona and energy. Sometimes these colors convey a lot more than the words. Such is the power of colors in our life. According to various studies, color blue is the […]

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