Happy Things


Sunshine and stars
Cold breeze, green grass
Beaches and butterflies
Clear water and clear skies

Colors and sparkles
Date with Bf, fun with girls
Chirpy birds, bubble baths
Fresh flowers oil massage

Pretty dresses, pretty streets
Paychecks and shopping spree
Vintage beauty, Bohemian chic
Mighty words beautiful clicks

No traffic no mess
Holidays, no tests
Festivals and feasts
Birthdays and gifts

Binge watching series
Watching no calories
Binging on sweet treat
Music and happy feet

Walking like a queen
Being careless like kid
Getting pampered as princess
Like an angel with sassย 

Cute babies, Furry pets
Happy faces, Innocence
Cuddles and kisses
Sweet dreams and wishes

Thatโ€™s a gist

You can call it a list

Of all my happy things


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