Top 10 tips to make the most of your summer break


It’s summer, the glorious days of sunny mornings, clear skies and fun times. Schools all around the world are shut during summers giving students much needed break from classes, studies and monotony.

Summer vacation is a great time to unwind and explore your interests. Since there is no hanging pressure of school and projects, it is the best time available to kids for doing something purely for themselves. Something productive and fun. Because as time passes you realize how precious those ticking toks are, and every one of us wants to make the most of this time gifted to us.

While the idea of an ideal summer break may differ for every individual, here are some of the interesting things that you can do in your summer holidays

1. Travel to a new place: Travelling is great to get away and de-stress yourself during the summer. Instead of being cooped up in your house, you could go on a trip alone or with your friends and family. Exploring a new place will open up your mind to so many new ideas and experiences. Seeing beautiful sights, trying new cuisines and understanding diverse cultures shall help you create wonderful memories.


2. Spend time with family: Family time is always special and in this chaotic life we often ignore our families. Vacations are the best time to do develop the bonds with your family. Do things together with your family, be it shopping or cooking or going on a picnic


3. Learn some skills: Vacations are the best time to hone some skills, learn new things and foster your hobbies. The icky tight school schedule leave little time for many to pursue their passions and interests. Want to learn dance or digital marketing? Join a summer class, pick up a skill and learn it this summer.

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4. Learn a Language: Learning a foreign language is on many people’s bucket list, but somehow many people are too intimidated just by the thought of it. Fear no more. There are many free sites, apps and videos to help you learn basics of any language. (Checkout Duo Lingo, Fluent or Babble). Once you get comfortable and start enjoying the language, you can enroll for advanced classes.


5. Get fit: Getting fit is the first step in having a productive life. Exercise and energize your body and your mind to have a fruitful life. Exercise is a great form of stress buster. Exercises help release endorphins and make you feel happy and healthy.


6. Get cooking or cleaning or gardening: Cooking, cleaning and gardening are three activities that are truly therapeutic. These simple activities can help you declutter your mind and your life. Sometimes all you need is a clean room, some fresh flowers and hot baked cookies to make you feel good.

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7. Get a job or internship: Best way to learn something is on the job. This is the way in which most people find out where their passions are. Even though we might be interested in something we might not essentially have the aptitude for it. Doing an internship really lets you know where your strengths truly lie. An early exposure into the career shall really help you advance in future. No matter how little the pay is, or even if you work for free you should take it up just for the mere experience of it.


8. Volunteer for a cause: There is no dearth of volunteering opportunities in the world. Find out a cause that you strongly believe in and volunteer for that cause. Your little support can make world a little better than today.


9. Read books: There’s nothing like a good book! All of the book lovers would agree that a good book in solitude is one of the best dates ever. Reading is very calming and relaxing activity. And during summers, you get ample of time to read the books that are non academic


10. DIY activities: Creating something on your own always feels special. And DIY activities are super cheap and super fun. Checkout cool DIY videos on YouTube or DIY boards on Pinterest. Make something beautiful, creative and fun this summer.


While you can do all or any of these activities in summer, don’t forget the ground rules of summer vacation, i.e to laze around, get long beauty sleep, binge watch TV, play games and eat lots of ice creams. Because summer time is meant to be the best time 🙂



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