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Exploring the Romantic City of Udaipur


Do you ever think how it would have been to live in the royal era?  In the era of prince and princesses, kingdoms & forts, amidst all the grandeur and galore.

I thought about it a lot, when my mom told me stories about Princesses, and now when I watch movies or series like Game of thrones. There is some seductive sophistication in that world, that allures millions of people to revisit that era see that opulence and unravel the stories of that world. No wonder Historic cities in Italy, Egypt, Greece, etc have highest influx of tourists from all over the world.

India is one such country that boasts of rich history. The first known permanent settlements appeared over 9,000 years ago, in India, and gradually developed into the Indus Valley Civilization. Since then, the country has been ruled by several dynasties, and has seen the rise and fall of many empires – each unique in their own ways of administration, social fabric and cultural canvas.  Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism — all have their origins in India.

My trip to Udaipur few months back was a time travel to that historic era.  Udaipur is a beautiful town in Rajasthan brimming with royalty. With the backdrop of Aravalli Hills and the serenity of lakes, Udaipur is often regarded as the Venice of the East. This city is the best tourist destination widely known for elegant monuments, stunning location, cultural immersions and sumptuous cuisine

Fun Facts about the city

 *King Udai Singh of Mewar dynasty founded the Udaipur city in 15th century. As per the folklore, once when Maharana Udai Singh went hunting near Lake Pichola, he came across a sage who advised king to construct the palace on the same place and assured king that it will be a safe location for his dynasty.

*World’s first man-made micro system of river diversion, linkage and watershed management happened in Udaipur. This resulted in the current system of interconnected lakes.

*Lake Palace or Jag Nivas in Udaipur is chosen as the world’s most romantic hotel. Located in the center of Lake Pichola, it was once a summer palace of Sisodia rulers in 17th century.


I had taken a direct flight to Udaipur and booked an Uber from airport to my hotel. It was 7.30 am and the city was still in snoozy mood. So were my fellow companions who were asleep in the back seat. I on the other hand kept my eyes wide awake, absorbing the sight of place as it morphs from majestic mountains to colorful havelis.


I have come to realize that early mornings are the best time to explore the place especially here in India. Everything is calmer, there are fewer crowds, less commotion and you can actually sense the beauty of the place.

Havelis are huge mansions with large main gates, sprawling courtyards and embellished frescoes. Many of these havelis are now converted into heritage hotels offering ultimate luxurious experience to the visitors

We had opted for glamping in this glamorous place. We reached Raasleela, our boutique hotel located on the banks of Lake Pichola offering a panoramic view of Jagmandir, City Palace & Lake Palace. We were instantly charmed by the regal romanticism of the place.





Raasleela means Dance of Divine in Hinduism. Rasa means aesthetics and Lila means play or dance.

After checking in and checking out the hotel, we went to our first tourist site, City Palace.  Often distinguished as the largest palatial complex in Rajasthan and second largest in India, this majestic Palace is the most-visited tourist attraction of Udaipur. This place is an epitome of rich architectural finesse. The palace celebrates a beautiful amalgamation of the Rajasthani and Mughal architectural style.



IMG_8213 Edited

It has brilliant assortment of towers, domes, courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, rooms and hanging gardens. This place was just spectacular. I was so fascinated with the intricate artwork and fine craftsmanship found in every nook and corner of the palace. Each Mahal (bungalow) in the complex has unique and lavish display of arts and culture through their exquisite decor, which includes beautiful murals, miniature paintings, antique furniture, ornamental tiles and marvelous mirror work.

Fun Facts about the palace

* City Palace comprises 11 wonderful palaces, which were built by different rulers yet they are in sync and resemble each other.

*The palaces within the complex are interlinked through a number of chowks or quadrangles with zigzag corridors and narrow staircase. Ideally, it was built this way to avoid surprise attacks by enemies

*The Royal family still lives in Udaipur and on many occasion, they meet people on a grand cultural unction or a local fest.

I would recommend booking a tour guide or audio guide to better understand the historical significance of this place. Overall, it took us about 5 hours to explore the place.

After the grand tour of the palace, we were eager to try the Grand Thali of Rajasthan. We had lunch at Natraj Restaurant, a classic traditional restaurant in the city serving delicious vegetarian fare at extremely affordable rates.

Thali is a style of Indian dish in which in small portions of a multitude of delicacies is served on a single large plate.


By the time we finished the lunch, it was almost 3 p.m. The heavy meal and the scorching heat out there were insisting me to crawl back into my cozy hotel and surrender to sleep. But the super zealous tourist in me valiantly fought back the laziness and decided to head to the Monsoon Palace instead. The place was almost 2 hours drive from our location, so actually no sleep was harmed during the making of this plan. I slept like a baby in the backseat while my fellow companions stayed awake this time.

Perched on a hilltop, this palace was built by built by Maharana Sajjan Singh to observe clouds and predict rains. He aimed to build the Monsoon Palace as a 9 storey structure in the design of an astronomical hub, but due to his premature death at the age of 26, this project was stalled. Later his successor completed the work.

Unfortunately, when we visited the place, there was some construction work going on and many parts of the palace were shut down for visitors. However, this site was less about the palace and more about the splendid aerial views of the city that it has to offer.



The Monsoon Palace stayed true to its name as it started raining there when we reached. Fortunately there was one resourceful person among us who was carrying umbrellas. No it wasn’t me. I pack nothing but my enthusiasm for trips.

It must be a local hangout spot as we saw many kids and teens with their friends chilling at this place, singing and dancing in the rains. It was so delightful to watch their pure joy. Also, we saw two clouds from opposite direction coming near each other, slowly and gently creating this burst that was just so soothing to watch. We were fortunate to witness the sunset at this place when the city skyline was illuminated with a pale orange glow.

At the dusk, we departed. Ideally we were planning to go boating in the lake Pichola, but to our dismay, the last boat ride available started at 6.00 pm and we could not reach there before 6.30 pm. So instead, we strolled around the bustling markets of old city. The streets of Udaipur are shopper’s paradise with myriad of things to buy like traditional crafts, vintage wares, interesting artifacts, colorful clothes, mosaic lamps, embroidered purses and shoes, handmade diaries and so much more. The vibrant vivacious streets were not merely a feast to the eyes but also a delight to our pockets as these articles were available at quite affordable prices.



After satisfying the shopaholic urges and emptying our purses, we returned to our hotels. By that time it was already dark. The beauty of this place is enhanced in the night, with the magic of moonlight, the starry skies and the shimmering lights. Our resort had arranged a candle light dinner for us by the lakeside. The view, the food and the mood, everything was just lovely.


Next day, we had reserved for Jagmandir. But it started raining the next morning and that kind of hampered our plan. So instead we just chilled at the hotel. However it is okay as is difficult to strictly adhere to the itinerary when you are travelling.

And with happy heart we left the place. That was my trip to Udaipur; surreal, majestic and magical.








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Camping at Rishikesh


IMG-20160104-WA0084At the break of dawn, in the month of December, we arrive at Haridwaar. As soon as we get off the train, the cool air starts casting its spell on us. With trembling hands, we rush to save ourselves from the clutches of cold and pull out our sweaters from our luggage. Okay, I may be exaggerating but when you are accustomed to live in scorching heat of 32 degree Celsius, even 10 degree can make you freeze.

We had booked a camp at Rishikesh for 2 days. Rishikesh is a small old town in the northern state of Uttarakhand in India. It’s situated on the banks of the Ganges River, surrounded by hills on three sides. The enchanting scenery along with pleasant weather makes Rishikesh an ideal spot for camping. Most people flock here in search of peace or adventure.

Rishikesh has many names- Land of God, The Adventure Capital of India and The Yoga Capital of the world. This town is divine and daring with its scenic backdrop, the chants of Hindu prayers and the adrenaline-pumping adventures that it offers.

Though Indians have been drawn to Rishikesh since ancient times, it gained prominence in the west when the Beatles came here many years ago. For us, we were more inclined towards adventure stuff, so skipped the ashrams and yoga.

Our camp organizer had arranged a cab for us. The ride from Haridwaar to Rishikesh was truly exhilarating. At, the roads were deserted with only few people on the streets. While driving, we saw colorful posters of the camps, treks and host of adventure sports. Our cabbie took a halt at the only available food stall for breakfast. We had nice warm Masala Tea and cauliflower bhajjis (little nuggets of cauliflower dipped in gram flour and deep fried) served piping hot with mint chutney. Being a religious place, you will rarely find non veg food here. In fact in most places use of garlic and onions in food is also prohibited. On the long and winding road, our car passed through majestic mountains, freshwater rivers, picturesque valleys and beautiful flora and fauna. We also saw a huge Shiva statue on the way. The route and the journey were just mesmerizing.

The driver dropped us atop a hill. Down the hill we could see our camp with their hoarding. We were at first bemused and thought our driver was kidding. This slope was steep and there was no way we could climb down and reach that camp in single piece. But the reality of the grim situation set in when we called the camp owner and confirmed the location. Apparently going through these perilous hills was the only way to reach the destination. So we prayed the Lords and started descending with labor and luggage.

I made the classic mistake of carrying an extravagant amount of clothes in a trolley luggage bag instead of the rucksack which is obviously a better and a smarter choice. We relived the poem Jack and Jill as me and my friends struggled to climb down, toiling and tumbling all the way down.

Finally we reached the site, bruised and bone tired. But soon our exhaustion was replaced by exaltation as we behold the beauty of the site. It was picture perfect, like you see in poster cards. The lush green trees, spotted grey mountains and gushing sound of river against the stones, the time stood still. So did us. We just sat there for an hour, in peace & quiet. Just absorbing the calmness and soaking in the sun.

It felt like a natural therapy, listening to the chirping of birds and glistening in the sunshine, enjoying the sound and sight of nature. 0B1dHnGMTOvBjcU1sWmdmSDJzekEOur camp was located right in front of mountains and river stream. There were 8 tents, one common room, eight bathrooms (detached), one kitchen and a huge ground to play basketball, volleyball and badminton.

The hunger pangs & the gong of bell there made us spring and go to the common area where the lunch was being served. The food was simple yet delicious, with typical Indian dal chawal sabzi roti and gulab jamun. Cold days and hot food is best combination to brighten the mood.

After indulging in delicious desi meal and interacting with other members of the camp, we embarked on our waterfall trek at 4 pm. We were accompanied by two guide, two dogs and twenty other people. It was my first & only trekking experience so far. The narrow stream of water in the jungle was our trail which will lead us to our waterfall. I was wearing 3 layers of clothes (it was freaking 7 degree Celsius) and as the trek went on, a layer of clothing went off, till I was in my tee in tracks. The air was thin and my face was redder than the Little Red Riding Hood.IMG_20181117_225051After two hours and truckloads of sweat, we reached our destination. And the exertion was worth it.  The waterfall was just wonderful.

The shape of the waterfall looked like hundreds of little grass umbrellas are attached to the mountains. Nature never stops surprising!IMG-20160104-WA0063Now, if climbing up was difficult, climbing down was a disaster. We were the slowest in bunch of 20 people; our tour guide had abandoned us totally forgetting that we were part of the group. Four of us in the middle of the jungle stranded alone. We were scared and had to get out of there before the dark night sets in.

Luckily for us, the two dogs were blessing in disguise. They never left our side. The waited for us, one leading us and one following us, loyally helping us get out of there. I felt immense love and gratitude for them.

It was heartwarming to see such loyalty and love by these furry animals. I was never a pet person but this incidence changed my minds for dog. It was the first time I petted a dog. Unfortunately one of my friends is really scared of dog, and she was terrified the whole time. At one point she was so scared that she just broke down. And we tried to shoo away the dogs for her peace but they would not leave us alone.0B1dHnGMTOvBjbmZfU1gwQkM2a3c-1Somehow we managed to reach camp with sweat tears & torch. So pissed with the tour guide; we blasted at him for the lack of care and responsibility. He apologized and tried to pacify us. (He had too)

We went for a bath & let the hot shower melt our angst & anger. The camp had arranged for a bonfire, and we were most excited for this. Sitting besides the river, under the twinkling stars, accompanied by the bonfire and bunch of friends is bewitching at its best. But our dreams were shattered thanks to some drunken moron guys who started behaving weird out there. They constantly tried to hit on us making us uncomfortable, and played loud brash music and we just did not get good vibes from those people out there. To spare ourselves from eve teasing and eve ruining, we furiously locked up ourselves in tent. We were sulking and bitching that nothing is going right today. Soon the bitchiness, turned into craziness as we started partying and dancing inside the tent, with our phone flashlights.

That’s the beauty of friends. Even lockup can be fun with them.

FYI these tents were quite big and comfortable, not those tiny portable ones which you use while trekking 0B1dHnGMTOvBjYlFIVkJFWFJ4SWcNext morning, the camp owner felt really bad that we had skipped dinner after all the bad experience out there. Next day he made sure that we faced no troubles and enjoyed our stay there. This day was reserved for white water rafting.

Rishikesh’s proximity to the upper Himalayas along with the passing of the Ganges through this city makes it an ideal spot for river rafting. For adventure junkies, this is one should be on your list of things to do in Rishikesh

Mounting the raft boat on our cab, we set out for the ultimate mission. Our raft route was from Shivpuri to Lakshaman Jhula. Shivpuri was an hour away from our site. And this place was surprisingly exotic. The emerald jade water, the green hills and the shimmering white sand, never knew Ganga can be as cool as Goa.

On the banks our guide was pumping air into the raft. Before starting, he shared with us important tricks and life saving tips packaged with large doses of dark humor. Donning our life jackets and helmets, we jumped onto the rafts. Four of us were accompanied by 6 other guys, including two expert professionals, for rafting. With the chant of ‘Jai Ganga Maya Ki’ we embarked on our raft and left the banks of river. The water was icy cold. At first it was like kayaking, and all of us were singing and chatting and admiring the beauty around us. But the humble boating soon transformed into a monstrous ride when the boat started wobbling & we had to battle against the strong rapids of Ganga. I was excited for the new adventure. We could see to giant wave coming nearer with full force and together we start paddling harder.

The giant leap of water smacked us with full force and all of us were completely drenched. It was scary yet exciting and I couldn’t stop screaming or laughing, both at the same time. Eventually we got better with every rapid, and literally outperformed ourselves.

That’s the beauty of adventure. It makes you stronger in ways that you would never anticipate. Such a surreal experience.Rafting-3-compressedWe took a halt at a cliff called Maggi Point. (They sell hot Maggi at that point, hence the name). Cliff jumping was part and parcel of what I had signed up for. Now, more than heights, I was scared of this icy cold water. So, I was reluctant to try it out. But my daredevil friend just went for it, devoid of any second thoughts or hesitation. That sheer boldness, her exuberance and the fact that even 15 year old were jumping; all of these helped me muster the courage to take a leap. I just closed my eyes and went for it. And that free fall of nano seconds seems like forever.

The anticipation of water that’s going to hit you very soon, and then it does. I drowned into water due to sheer force and no sooner than I knew, I rise above. Above the water and above my fear. The feeling was magical.

The thrill as your heart beats to hyper-drive when you take a leap of faith from the height of a mountain range into the river. It is hard to explain this in then we continued on our raft, no more rapids though. It was calm and relaxing after the cliff. This was my last day here. After rafting, we left the town, but its memories never left us.

I think for me, Rishikesh lived up to its name. A true adventure capital as there was not a day without a crazy adventure. And spiritual city because the moment we stepped in, we were shaken, surprised, awed by the spiritual awakening in ways we didn’t expect nor sought for.

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Bitter Sweet Nostalgia with Chocolates

Today my incessant and irritating hunger pangs caused me to get up & grab the door of my beloved refrigerator. And as I sift through the food in my fridge, I notice the bars of chocolates that have been lying asleep in cold since past 4 months. My sister had got me Lindt chocolates after she returned from her Europe trip.

They were not alone. There were chocolates that my cousins got me from Denmark, and then there were some from my uncle who gave us a box of imported chocolates during Diwali.

I remember how once upon a time, when I was nine, these chocolates at home would not survive, for days more than five.

A child’s love for chocolates is full of purity and innocence. Didn’t we all crazily loved chocolates when we were kids?

Yes, we still do, but the crazy constant longing for chocolates is replaced by convenient want when you crave for comfort, and then there is taste factor involved off course, that lures you to have it.




Back then, I loved when we got imported chocolates. My super sweet relatives always got us baskets & boxes of chocolates whenever they visited any foreign country. It was the most preferred kind of souvenir to give. I sincerely prayed for all of my relatives to make more foreign trips and get me more chocolates. The Mars, Snickers, Hershey’s kisses, Galaxy, Toblerone, Milkyway, Twix and others. During my baby years, these chocolates were not easily available in my home town. It was a luxury to have them. Me & my sister used to divide our share of chocolates & to her dismay, I seldom ate from her share as well.

As a toddler, my favorite chocolates included Five Stars & Nutties. Later in my teens, I grew a little and so did my taste, as I developed a liking for Dairy Milk. Especially Dairy Milk Silk, which had became a popular premium choice of chocolate among youth here.Currently, I am obsessed with Dark chocolate, majorly Bournville. I also like Ferrero Rochers. The making of Ferrero Rochers is entire another great story in itself. Salute to Michelle Ferrero, the genius who invented Ferrero and Nutella. Both are aesthetically appetizing amazing confectionary products that everyone will love.

Chocolate lovers like me cheered and hooted when science research proved that eating chocolates is good for health.

It is my dream to visit a chocolate factory one day. Yeah, the little girl in me is still alive. The same girl who was awestruck when she got to know about Charlie and his chocolate factory. Chocolate making and cheese making process are two things that I am really fascinated with. I want to know all about it, taste, smell, sight, shape and texture, its entire journey, from cultivation to counter. It is a gastronomic delight that I would love to experience.

fazer_kf_860x390 - copy

Recently I was fortunate to learn about Finland’s famous chocolate brand Fazer. It was an inter college competition where we were supposed to create a cultural marketing strategy for the brand to help them compete with other international brands. While working on the presentation, I was amazed at the kind of details and sincerity that they put in their work. Go through their site and you will find it out yourself. No wonder they are one of the most revered brand in Finland. After spending 24 hrs, researching & ideating for Fazer, we so were eager to taste them. They are now available in my city, thanks to Foodhall. Yayyy!!!

As I pick up a chocolate to eat, I remember the famous quote from Forrest Gump.

“Mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.” I think it is true. I don’t know what I am gonna get in life. But I know it will be sweet, rich and delightful. Just like this bar of Swiss Alps Chocolate.

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Over Chai

Loved this poem by Marliyn. Being a Chai fan, I could connect

Journey on a Breath of Words

Over chai ,gossips are exchanged,

Over chai, sometimes even silence is maintained

Over chai, important decisions are made,
Over chai, even the smartest get played

Over chai, Kenny started a show,
Over chai, he won hearts even without a cupid with a bow&arrow

Over chai, you can feel the calm before the storm,
Over chai, a rebel finds power to break the norm

Over chai, people debate if coffee is a better drink,
Over chai, they soon give up once they take it’s one sip

Over chai, biscuits and samosas are happily shared,
Over chai, enjoying its every single dip and bite invites awkward stares

Over chai , mostly time feels like it’s at a stand still,
But only Over chai,  I always feel an immense peace in my dil

– Marilyn

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Beauty in imperfection

There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection – James Salter



‘Perfectly Imperfect’ used to be my tagline on social media sites while I was a teen. I always believed that no one is perfect. And no one should assume that they are, or else they will be stuck in a rut and can never see or go beyond their ways. I am not trying to prove Kaizen’s management theory. But it is worth noting that one man’s perfection can be other man’s exasperation. Perfection is subjective and is constantly evolving. Everyone anticipates it differently yet society strives to define it as a specific quality. This is probably why white people go to tanning salons while brown people apply fairness creams.

People keep chasing someone else’s concept of perfection. They fail to realize that beauty exists in their peculiarity.

I see many people obsessed with the idea of perfection. And they become too critical, rigid and anxious while chasing perfection. I don’t mean everything and everyone should be clueless and chaotic. The world certainly needs some structure to keep moving. However perfection becomes a hindrance when it overshadows everything else. The persistent quest for perfection – in relationships, profession and possessions often fosters rash judgments.

I think it is okay to be imperfect. It is even better to embrace these imperfections. Because it is these imperfections that makes you humane. In fact, it makes you likable.

Seriously, who can like Miss/ Mr Perfect at everything ? It seems too good to be true. Isn’t it intimidating or may be even annoying when you see no flaw or no vulnerability in a person ?

Imperfections makes world real and relatable. Perhaps this is why the humble simple quilt by grandma or the scribbled greeting cards from children or the little clumsy frame from a friend, can turn into our dearest treasures. Because despite their imperfections, these objects become beacons of our humanity: our ability to feel, to empathize, to connect, to love.

All of famous fictional characters, Iron Man, Dumbledore, Tyrion Lannister have some imperfections. And it is these imperfections that drive their motives, build their characters and carve their stories which everyone seem to like.

But when I look around me, I am appalled at the hyped expectation of being perfect. The fairness commercials & Indian TV series are the biggest culprit for this outcome. Portraying Miss Goody two shoes female lead who is always ‘Aadarsh’ & always right is antagonizing. This overtly perfect girl is expected to be sincere, hardworking, innocent, loyal, sacrificial and helpful under all circumstances.

Why is there a pressure to showcase perfection to such an extent that it looks plain dull ? The world ain’t black and white. Why don’t we accept and embrace little grey?

Even the Gods made mistakes. Lord Krishna was accused of  being influential in Mahabharata. Lord Ram abandoned his wife because of societal norms. Lord Shiva beheaded his son unknowingly in anger. Ever wondered how these flaws represents the hidden strengths of these Lords ? Lord Krishna because of his manipulative and analytical ways can become a really good politician or strategist. Lord Ram, because of his strict adherence to law & order will  always value equality and justice. Lord Shiva can make people take him seriously and can get things done faster because of his aggression.

I am not trying to promote their behavior, support their actions or defame any Gods. But the above example proves that within every weakness can be a hidden strength, waiting to be unraveled. May be they are the two sides of the same coin. There is a reason why we are asked to mention our weaknesses in the interview.

Bill Gates once said he will hire a lazy person to do a job, because that lazy person will find an easy way to do it. He found value where all of us would have found flaw.

We all have flaws. We are all trying to be better. We all make mistakes. We all seek redemption. And all of us are best in our own perfectly imperfect ways. So let go off the pressure of perfection & rejoice in the beauty of imperfection.







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Color yellow and its beauty


“Colors are the smiles of the nature.”

Leigh Hunt

Our world is made of many different colors. Each of this color has its own persona and energy. Sometimes these colors convey a lot more than the words. Such is the power of colors in our life.

According to various studies, color blue is the most favorite color among the masses.
Not surprised, color blue represents safety, security and trust, things that all of us desire.
Sadly, yellow is always put on a back burner by most of the people. After all, a room full of yellow walls or yellow background on the screens can cause fatigue to eyes. Due to attention grabbing quality of yellow, it can create anxiety if not used wisely

Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum.This is a pop up color, which when used in proper quantity can do wonders. This warm color reflects optimism, vitality and cheerfulness. It is almost impossible to refrain from smiling when you see a bouquet of yellow flowers.The color of sunshine is uplifting and illuminating.

Color psychology reveals that people who like yellow color have “Lets do it better personality”. They are creative, intellectual and fun loving people, who can make for a good team leader. They have willingness to grow and outshine

I myself love the color yellow and it is one of the reason why my site is named as La Sunshine. This beautiful vibrant color evokes joy and positivity. Look at these images and you will be convinced that yellow is bright and beautiful.


la la land

The attractive poster of  this Oscar celebrated film, LA LA LAND became iconic. A violet night sky, the sparkling city background, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling mid-dance, and that yellow dress. As the lyrics go, the dress captures the feelings, sky with no ceiling, sunset inside a frame.


beauty and beast

Another classic film with classic and captivating costume. The yellow ball gown of the Disney Princess Belle resonates with her.



This sight of blooming sunflowers can brighten up your dull and dreary day. I was lucky to spot a sunflower field on my trip to Panchgini. Read more about it on Weekend Getaway from Mumbai




Hail the king of fruits, who also adorns yellow. Mangoes, our favorite summer fruit adds joy to our vacations, just like its color.




Even Lord Ganesha cannot resist this yellow modaks. Though nowadays modaks are available in all the colors, yellow modaks, also known as Kesar modaks are most widely offered to God




Talking of food, Khaman Dhokla is a popular Gujrati snack loved by all. This yellow delicacy is soft, sweet and tangy and is served with spicy green chutney.



haldi ceremony

Yellow is considered as holy color and finds a significant place in Indian ceremonies. Hindu weddings have Haldi ceremony in which a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s body before their wedding, to enhance their glow.


french colony pondicherry

This Instaworthy building in French Colony of Pondicherry is most photograpphed building in the state. These buildings are one the reasons why people flock to visit Pondicherry.