Beauty in imperfection

There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection – James Salter   ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ used to be my tagline on social media sites while I was a teen. I always believed that no one is perfect. And no one should assume that they are, or else they will be stuck in a rut and can […]

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Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

When December arrived And the weather got pleasant We planned a short trip At a place our adjacent We got on the roads Drove past mountains so high Wearing green blankets They looked so divine After 5 hours and 50 songs We reach our place, “Panchgini” Checking into the hotel I was filled with ecstasy […]

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Dreams that are real bizarre Dreams that makes you reach for stars As I close my eyes and embark the journey In place devoid of any boundaries They might suffer from logical deficiency But they make me feel pure ecstasy Dreams where nothing is impossible Dreams that can appear gullible Dream to unleash the hidden […]

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Mumbai through my eyes

I don’t notice it when I am sitting in class. I don’t notice it when I am climbing into a bus, shielded from heat and dust. But when I stare out of the windows into the real world, the world where AC and cars are epitome of wealth and luxury, I notice. I notice when […]

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