Learning ABC: Act of Balancing Calmly

Hello, this is a very spontaneous heart to heart post that I wish to share with you guys. Its been long since my last blog post and though my article is written, there is a lot of edit work to be done and honestly I have been so consumed with the other things that this blog has taken  a back seat for a while. And I feel guilty about it. There are so many amazing content ideas that I have in mind but it needs time. I am not complaining, I am absolutely loving the other things that I am doing right now: To give you a gist, I am studying MBA, learning French, doing internship all simultaneously. And even if I get time from this crazy schedule, my mind feels exhausted to take up the writing process. For me, I need peace, and calmness to create content. Many people’s creativity thrives in chaos. I am not that type. And it takes me at least 5 hours to make a complete blog post. I know it can be improvised I am still learning. I would love to know how much time do you take to create a blog post? Do you prefer calmness or chaos?

I must admit however busy and overwhelmed I might feel because of my schedule, I am genuinely happy to do so many interesting things right now. And in the course, I have developed  huge respect for people who have been managing their family and working simultaneously. Working moms and working dads, kudos to you guys. Really, its tough, physically, mentally as well as emotionally. My mom is one of the best multi tasker I have seen. She is my source of inspiration.

I just felt like sharing this with you guys. If any of you are feeling overwhelmed if you think you have too much on your plate right now, take a deep breath. Relax. Many of us have been there. Pat yourself for handling so many things, whether anyone else realizes or not. You are your own superhero in your life. And hard work always pays off. Lots of love , cheers.


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