My summer vacations

As the Sun comes up earlier than usual
And the birds chirp and sing greeting us good morning
We laze in the bed, got no schedule no test
It’s our summer vacation, the time that’s the best

May is here and  I can see the little kids in my vicinity playing around all day this time of the year. I cannot help but feel  dramatically nostalgic about my summer vacations back in the school days. After the final term exams in April, we got a two month long vacation before we are advanced to next class.


How lovely those days were, when we spent the time playing, and goofing around.
During my summer holidays, I would wake up after 10, drink milkshakes every morning and watch classic Disney movies. Aladdin and Dalmatians were my go to buddies. In afternoon we would play board games in our home, or play dress up, or build a fort or play DJ war, or even play our own version of Singing superstar or Dance battle. The evenings were reserved for more outdoorsy and physically exhausting games. Cycling in the park, playing badminton or dodge ball or the classic hide and seek, we played and played till our mothers called us home for dinner.



Sometimes if we were lucky, our parents would allow sleepover at friend’s place, which meant staying awake all night watching horror movies and freaking out each other, or sleeping in the terrace gazing at stars and listening to our favorite radio.
Summer vacations also meant visiting my grandma. Oh, I loved going to her place. It was at her place that reading books became my favorite hobby. She had a big bookstore near her apartment which would sell second hand books at cheaper prices. She would pamper us so much, bringing us ice-cream and taking us to our favorite restaurant. It was with her that I visited my first MC Donald’s.


Vacations also meant playing video games with my Dad on Sundays, it started with Mario and Contra but was replaced by Road rash and NFS. Here, schools are very rigorous leaving little time for kids to discover and pursue their hobby. So summer vacation also meant joining summer camps to explore our hidden potentials and do what we love to do. I too had joined summer camp where I learnt dance and volley ball. While I loved  and excelled at dance, I barely managed to play volley ball.

Many of us went for long trips with our family during this vacations. It was that one time of the year when we would be going to chilly places to beat the heat of Mumbai.
Summer vacations also meant eating ice candies, watermelon and having mangoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We enjoyed our summer vacations to the fullest, I wonder if kids these days enjoy their time as much. We were innocent curious souls, we made our own rules and the most important rule was there is no dull time, only fun time.
Let me know in the comments below how you spent your vacations.


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