Over Chai

Loved this poem by Marliyn. Being a Chai fan, I could connect

Journey on a Breath of Words

Over chai ,gossips are exchanged,

Over chai, sometimes even silence is maintained

Over chai, important decisions are made,
Over chai, even the smartest get played

Over chai, Kenny started a show,
Over chai, he won hearts even without a cupid with a bow&arrow

Over chai, you can feel the calm before the storm,
Over chai, a rebel finds power to break the norm

Over chai, people debate if coffee is a better drink,
Over chai, they soon give up once they take it’s one sip

Over chai, biscuits and samosas are happily shared,
Over chai, enjoying its every single dip and bite invites awkward stares

Over chai , mostly time feels like it’s at a stand still,
But only Over chai,  I always feel an immense peace in my dil

– Marilyn

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