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Bitter Sweet Nostalgia with Chocolates

Today my incessant and irritating hunger pangs caused me to get up & grab the door of my beloved refrigerator. And as I sift through the food in my fridge, I notice the bars of chocolates that have been lying asleep in cold since past 4 months. My sister had got me Lindt chocolates after she returned from her Europe trip.

They were not alone. There were chocolates that my cousins got me from Denmark, and then there were some from my uncle who gave us a box of imported chocolates during Diwali.

I remember how once upon a time, when I was nine, these chocolates at home would not survive, for days more than five.

A child’s love for chocolates is full of purity and innocence. Didn’t we all crazily loved chocolates when we were kids?

Yes, we still do, but the crazy constant longing for chocolates is replaced by convenient want when you crave for comfort, and then there is taste factor involved off course, that lures you to have it.




Back then, I loved when we got imported chocolates. My super sweet relatives always got us baskets & boxes of chocolates whenever they visited any foreign country. It was the most preferred kind of souvenir to give. I sincerely prayed for all of my relatives to make more foreign trips and get me more chocolates. The Mars, Snickers, Hershey’s kisses, Galaxy, Toblerone, Milkyway, Twix and others. During my baby years, these chocolates were not easily available in my home town. It was a luxury to have them. Me & my sister used to divide our share of chocolates & to her dismay, I seldom ate from her share as well.

As a toddler, my favorite chocolates included Five Stars & Nutties. Later in my teens, I grew a little and so did my taste, as I developed a liking for Dairy Milk. Especially Dairy Milk Silk, which had became a popular premium choice of chocolate among youth here.Currently, I am obsessed with Dark chocolate, majorly Bournville. I also like Ferrero Rochers. The making of Ferrero Rochers is entire another great story in itself. Salute to Michelle Ferrero, the genius who invented Ferrero and Nutella. Both are aesthetically appetizing amazing confectionary products that everyone will love.

Chocolate lovers like me cheered and hooted when science research proved that eating chocolates is good for health.

It is my dream to visit a chocolate factory one day. Yeah, the little girl in me is still alive. The same girl who was awestruck when she got to know about Charlie and his chocolate factory. Chocolate making and cheese making process are two things that I am really fascinated with. I want to know all about it, taste, smell, sight, shape and texture, its entire journey, from cultivation to counter. It is a gastronomic delight that I would love to experience.

fazer_kf_860x390 - copy

Recently I was fortunate to learn about Finland’s famous chocolate brand Fazer. It was an inter college competition where we were supposed to create a cultural marketing strategy for the brand to help them compete with other international brands. While working on the presentation, I was amazed at the kind of details and sincerity that they put in their work. Go through their site and you will find it out yourself. No wonder they are one of the most revered brand in Finland. After spending 24 hrs, researching & ideating for Fazer, we so were eager to taste them. They are now available in my city, thanks to Foodhall. Yayyy!!!

As I pick up a chocolate to eat, I remember the famous quote from Forrest Gump.

“Mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.” I think it is true. I don’t know what I am gonna get in life. But I know it will be sweet, rich and delightful. Just like this bar of Swiss Alps Chocolate.

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Over Chai

Loved this poem by Marliyn. Being a Chai fan, I could connect

Journey on a Breath of Words

Over chai ,gossips are exchanged,

Over chai, sometimes even silence is maintained

Over chai, important decisions are made,
Over chai, even the smartest get played

Over chai, Kenny started a show,
Over chai, he won hearts even without a cupid with a bow&arrow

Over chai, you can feel the calm before the storm,
Over chai, a rebel finds power to break the norm

Over chai, people debate if coffee is a better drink,
Over chai, they soon give up once they take it’s one sip

Over chai, biscuits and samosas are happily shared,
Over chai, enjoying its every single dip and bite invites awkward stares

Over chai , mostly time feels like it’s at a stand still,
But only Over chai,  I always feel an immense peace in my dil

– Marilyn

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