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Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

panchgani-tour3.jpgWhen December arrived
And the weather got pleasant
We planned a short trip
At a place our adjacent

We got on the roads
Drove past mountains so high
Wearing green blankets
They looked so divine

After 5 hours and 50 songs
We reach our place, “Panchgini”
Checking into the hotel
I was filled with ecstasy

In our rooms, we sneak in bed
& have a good siesta
We wake up to the smell of tea
& indulge in appetizing chai – nashta

Then I stroll by the blooming gardens
Accompanied by vibrant butterflies
There abode myriad of flowers
& colorful birds in the skies

As the dusk begins to fall
We plunge into the pool
Splashing & swimming
We enjoy in full

We have a nice dinner
Under the starry night
The cool breeze tickles our skin
& delectable cuisine, our appetite

Next day when the dawn sets
We get behind the wheels to see the beauty
We drive by the lakes, hills & meadow
& halt at sunflower & strawberry fields

We pluck the luscious fruits
& learn about the berry beings
Thanks to the friendly owner
Of those pretty strawberry fields

Then we go to the Mapro Gardens
Whose Signboard we see every 10 mins
We see Chocolate Factory sans Charlie
& shop for jams, juices & jelly

We were told, their food is delicious
Have Wood fired Pizza & Strawberry Cream
The tales were true, the food was scrumptious
We left the place with happy gleam



I am a girl, in my twenties, from India. I have profound interest in reading novels, watching sitcoms, dancing, experiencing gastronomy, exploring new stuff and procuring 'Google gyan' through endless surfing. I am like a toddler , eyes filled with curiosity and awe, who believes in magic, who does not hesitate to ask questions, who is eager to explore the world by taking baby steps in this journey called Life.

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