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Color yellow and its beauty


“Colors are the smiles of the nature.”

Leigh Hunt

Our world is made of many different colors. Each of this color has its own persona and energy. Sometimes these colors convey a lot more than the words. Such is the power of colors in our life.

According to various studies, color blue is the most favorite color among the masses.
Not surprised, color blue represents safety, security and trust, things that all of us desire.
Sadly, yellow is always put on a back burner by most of the people. After all, a room full of yellow walls or yellow background on the screens can cause fatigue to eyes. Due to attention grabbing quality of yellow, it can create anxiety if not used wisely

Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum.This is a pop up color, which when used in proper quantity can do wonders. This warm color reflects optimism, vitality and cheerfulness. It is almost impossible to refrain from smiling when you see a bouquet of yellow flowers.The color of sunshine is uplifting and illuminating.

Color psychology reveals that people who like yellow color have “Lets do it better personality”. They are creative, intellectual and fun loving people, who can make for a good team leader. They have willingness to grow and outshine

I myself love the color yellow and it is one of the reason why my site is named as La Sunshine. This beautiful vibrant color evokes joy and positivity. Look at these images and you will be convinced that yellow is bright and beautiful.


la la land

The attractive poster of  this Oscar celebrated film, LA LA LAND became iconic. A violet night sky, the sparkling city background, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling mid-dance, and that yellow dress. As the lyrics go, the dress captures the feelings, sky with no ceiling, sunset inside a frame.


beauty and beast

Another classic film with classic and captivating costume. The yellow ball gown of the Disney Princess Belle resonates with her.



This sight of blooming sunflowers can brighten up your dull and dreary day. I was lucky to spot a sunflower field on my trip to Panchgini. Read more about it on Weekend Getaway from Mumbai




Hail the king of fruits, who also adorns yellow. Mangoes, our favorite summer fruit adds joy to our vacations, just like its color.




Even Lord Ganesha cannot resist this yellow modaks. Though nowadays modaks are available in all the colors, yellow modaks, also known as Kesar modaks are most widely offered to God




Talking of food, Khaman Dhokla is a popular Gujrati snack loved by all. This yellow delicacy is soft, sweet and tangy and is served with spicy green chutney.



haldi ceremony

Yellow is considered as holy color and finds a significant place in Indian ceremonies. Hindu weddings have Haldi ceremony in which a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s body before their wedding, to enhance their glow.


french colony pondicherry

This Instaworthy building in French Colony of Pondicherry is most photograpphed building in the state. These buildings are one the reasons why people flock to visit Pondicherry.

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Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

panchgani-tour3.jpgWhen December arrived
And the weather got pleasant
We planned a short trip
At a place our adjacent

We got on the roads
Drove past mountains so high
Wearing green blankets
They looked so divine

After 5 hours and 50 songs
We reach our place, “Panchgini”
Checking into the hotel
I was filled with ecstasy

In our rooms, we sneak in bed
& have a good siesta
We wake up to the smell of tea
& indulge in appetizing chai – nashta

Then I stroll by the blooming gardens
Accompanied by vibrant butterflies
There abode myriad of flowers
& colorful birds in the skies

As the dusk begins to fall
We plunge into the pool
Splashing & swimming
We enjoy in full

We have a nice dinner
Under the starry night
The cool breeze tickles our skin
& delectable cuisine, our appetite

Next day when the dawn sets
We get behind the wheels to see the beauty
We drive by the lakes, hills & meadow
& halt at sunflower & strawberry fields

We pluck the luscious fruits
& learn about the berry beings
Thanks to the friendly owner
Of those pretty strawberry fields

Then we go to the Mapro Gardens
Whose Signboard we see every 10 mins
We see Chocolate Factory sans Charlie
& shop for jams, juices & jelly

We were told, their food is delicious
Have Wood fired Pizza & Strawberry Cream
The tales were true, the food was scrumptious
We left the place with happy gleam

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Dreams that are real bizarre
Dreams that makes you reach for stars
As I close my eyes and embark the journey
In place devoid of any boundaries
They might suffer from logical deficiency
But they make me feel pure ecstasy
Dreams where nothing is impossible
Dreams that can appear gullible
Dream to unleash the hidden me
Dream to be who I wanna be
Dream to try my luck at something new
Dream  that can make me so restless I never knew

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Mumbai through my eyes


I don’t notice it when I am sitting in class. I don’t notice it when I am climbing into a bus, shielded from heat and dust. But when I stare out of the windows into the real world, the world where AC and cars are epitome of wealth and luxury, I notice. I notice when the power cuts for those 5 minutes when the pitch black descends and I don’t have anyone to talk to except my brain. When the city that never sleeps takes a little nap. It’s a moment of calm in this crazy life, a quiet reminder of the insufficiency in this world and its people. In those 5 minutes however, the light comes back on and I have the capability of pushing aside all  those meaningful thought bubbles and carry on a conversation with the person next to me about day-to-day activities.

However, the light doesn’t doesn’t always shine on the less fortunate. There are people still engulfed in darkness and doubt. What must it be like to live like them? To work every day, harder than the next person and still be in darkness?

It is in Mumbai that I found that however hard we want to believe that we are helping those in need, there is actually no connection between the two worlds the comfortable corporate sphere , weighed down with processes, deliverable and balanced scorecards versus the chaotic social microcosm that Mumbai really is and its suburbs, where slums, industry, Bollywood and stray dogs co-exist almost in a brutal fashion, shocking your senses at every turn.

In my perspective, Mumbai suffers from a multiple personality disorder and when you consider the juxtaposition of it’s beautiful mansions and well-kept cricket grounds  and the children tapping on your car window for some change, you will agree with me at some point.

Don’t get me wrong, the poverty and the dirt do not stop the city from being home to more than a million people. There is happiness and there is cheer, the festivals and the food. There is supposedly enough for everyone and yet nothing for someone.

Mumbai means a lot to many people. It means a home, a city, a work place. To me, Mumbai  seems more like a canvas. Not a complete picture but dollops of paint waiting to be spread to form a picture that one might no call perfect, but incomplete hence adding to its intrigue.